Newsletters For Local Businesses
Affiliate Program


You will get your very own website to share with the world! Not just a silly link.
You get an entire website just like this one for FREE!

You can resell the newsletter program and earn $40 per new subscriber each and every month.


Sharing is easy

Our solutions are tested, perfected and proven to drive you business. Not only do you get a personal website to share, you get a back office packed with Professional Banner Ads enticing users to click on your link.

Auto eMails

We had professional copy writers create 16 emails describing why sending newsletters to your customers is a good idea. When a user enters their info on your website, they’ll get 16 emails with your contact information pre-written all over it. They’ll go out once every 3 days.


Our award winning eBook jam packed with enticing and fun information will keep your visitor interested. By the time they finish reading the eBook, they’ll be signing up for a newsletter subscription from you.

Affiliate Tracking

Our advanced affiliate and tracking technology make getting paid a snap. When a visitor arrives at your personal website a cookie will follow them indefinitely so you’ll always get credited for the sale.

Turnkey System. Done For You.

That's right. What you see is what you get. No effort or set up done on your part. Simply follow the prompts and you’ll be up and running within minutes.

Affiliate Dashboard

Our back-office will show you who visited, and who signed up on your site. You’ll be able to instantly see commissions earned.

Subscription Plan

That's right! You get 50% of whatever our monthly subscription plan is. AND, you get 50% of any one who signs up for the annual plan.

Best In Customer Service & Support

We pride ourselves on customer care and it shows. Just check out our 5 star reviews. We’ll treat your customers like family!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with our program simply quit at any time!

Best In Design. Effective "Call To Actions"

Our themes are beautiful and ever growing which makes it easier for potential customers of any industry to choose you for their Newsletter Program.

Complete "White Label" Site With Your Brand

Our program includes everything you need to resell our newsletter program. All you have to do is share it. We’ll do the rest.

Exceptional Pricing & Products.

Not only are our newsletters extremely low priced, so is our monthly subscription plan. AND, BONUS, have access to an ever-growing library of other authentic relationship building material like hand written letters and postcards.

Easy-To-Use Website Editor

We spent 15 years developing our Direct Mail System. Our website editor is advanced, but simple to use. Your users can easily navigate our designer tools.

Work With A Team Of Certified Experts

From marketers to designers to website developers and a full service Direct Mail House, we have a great pool of talent for you to work with.

Tell me more...

Replicated Website!

That's right! You get an exact replica of this website for FREE! You get a domain name such as “” - Simply share it to the world! AND…If you wish, you can get your own domain name.

Earn on each new subscriber that signs up.

Yep! You got it! For every new subscriber that signs up, you receive $40 for the life of that new customer. (As long as you remain a subscriber)

It's Your Site!

You can even direct the social icons to wherever you want.

There’s a little marketer in all of us...

Do you ever say... “hey, you’ve gotta check this out!” If so, then this is the best affiliate program since sliced bread. Yep, that is right... It’s almost like not selling anything at all. Small business should be sending out a monthly newsletter. We all know it’s a good idea. Now you can get paid by simply sharing a good thing.

If you just want a place to send people to self sign up and order, and you believe in monthly newsletters, then this option is for you. Simply send them to your very own Newsletter website (pretty much just like this one) and collect on every subscriber. After that, don't lift a finger! We do all the work for you.

What do you get?

You get a cool website like this one and a new business opportunity reselling a newsletter program.

A back office:
  • To track Affiliates.
  • Monitor site activity.
  • Auto-emails that go out on your behalf every few days.
  • An eBook packed with the importance of sending out a monthly newsletter
  • Banner Ads that you can place anywhere on the web.

What does GoBig get? Printing.

Why does this work? Our incredibly low print and mail price is what keeps your clients coming back month after month. Our 20”x 11” Full color newsletter is packed with lifestyle content that you and your customers can edit all for about $.83each. “Printed and Mailed” Concentrate on sharing and you'll be very satisfied seeing $40 monthly royalties per subscriber!

Why should we trust you? We are a print, design, marketing and software company comprised of over 65 hard working and dedicated people. We print and mail about 4-5 milliion pieces of mail per month. We process about 500 orders per day. We’re not bragging, we’re simply establishing that we want to work for you. Esentially we are applying for a job.

We are credited with building the worlds first "Print On Demand" solution back in 1999. This experience has taught us many things about people and our customers. We have learned that the single most important thing about communication is to do it in a non-salesy, non-political or religious way. The most important aspect of communication is building a relationship. Don't let the "Me Monster" take over your newsletter with too much information about YOU! It's best to keep it light and airy so they don't feel like they are getting a sales pitch. We've learned a thing or two over the years. We’re passing it along to you in an “EASY TO CUSTOMIZE & MAIL” - Online Newsletter designer center.